Linkage to Care (LTC) Subcommittee

The community will benefit from the impact this program will have on individual youth, who will have better health outcomes. The community will serve youth more effectively and efficiently through connections made through this process. If the goal of the SMILE LTC Program to ensure that every HIV+ youth is linked to medical care is reached, then the community as a whole will benefit with a reduced community viral load. Additionally, the collaborations developed by the SMILE YLTC Coordinator will help to streamline the LTC process and coordinate services between agencies throughout the City.


LTC Subcommittee

Through the work of SMILE, Connect to Protect (C2P) coalitions have added a focus on identifying and achieving structural change to improve linkage-to-care (LTC), engagement in care (EIC) and retention in care (RIC) outcomes for HIV infected youth. Overall, the LTC Subcommittee focuses on the lack of youth cultural competency across the continuum of care. Using C2P Boston’s racial justice framework, the LTC Subcommittee works to address and reduce the systemic marginalization of Black/African American and Latino populations seeking resources from social institutions.
To learn more about C2P’s coalition and the LTC Subcommittee please visit the C2P Boston website. To learn more about the LTC Subcommittees current structural change objectives, check out its most up to date minutes here.